Hello visitor,

I’ve recently discovered that I created my first personal webspace in 2005. This is now 15 years ago. In all these years, I hosted my site at the same company and I’ve spent almost 500 Euros on it. But most of the time it’s rather broken or empty than functioning and put to purpose. You see my latest attempt to change this fate.

My formal educational record includes courses in Economics, Political Science and Statistics. But I believe academic titles do not necessarily lead to problem-solving skills. During my childhood the internet spread and it showed me that you can teach yourself a lot. As long as you know where to find the knowledge and as long as it is accessible. This ubiquity of knowledge can be overwhelming, people find it hard to find the right information, to recognize “truthful” information or to link information from various sources together.

NLP, time series and survival analysis are methodology fields in which I’ve acquired expertise. I also enjoy visualizing data, fiddling and tweaking the details until the result really looks as wished. In the spirit of open knowledge, I’ve created this website to give back to all the communities where I’ve gained a lot of my knowledge and still do.

You find me on Twitter for any type of inquiry.